Omaha’s Treasure Island In Brown

I got my name because my  Breeder and former onwer, Belinda Atherton, who passed away wanted to honor Omaha Poodles and the old blood lines in my pedigree. As a puppy I was curious and cuddly and that is how I got my call name Curious George. I am a calm fellow who enjoys spending the day lounging near my favorite people. I would love to find a couch all my own. I have made great friends with kids and other dogs. I love to having another friendly dog to keep me company when my human is gone! I just love companionship. My sire is a tri color and Dam is a phantom. I can  produce a rainbow of colors including phantom, sables and tri color if paired with the right pedigree. I am a National and International Champion and about half way to my UKC championship.  I am Brown Aand 70-75lbs and 27 inches tall. I have a bother who is a champion and produces a AKC Champion. I also have off spring that are titled in many different events and service dogs.

Omaha’s True Gritt


is brave fearless and daring living up to honor name. He was named after my favorite western actor John Wayne. We chose this name do to a accident after birth which resulted in the loss of one eye. But don’t let that fool you.

The loss of his eye has not stopped Rooster one bit. He is a great at water retrieving and loves to play.  He is a true athlete of the breed.

Rooster is a International Champion and extremely fun to be around and loyal. He passes on his great social skills and temperament and drive to his offspring. He has offspring in the show ring and as service dogs.  I can produce rainbow of color including Phantom, Black, Sable, Red, and Brown if paired with right pedigree.

Sss’s Bubois Closet Full Of Red


He has a heart of gold. He came to us from  Terri Dubios.  At first sight at Terrie’s he was in love and never wanted to leave my side. He is sweet quite and such a gentleman. He loves everyone he meets.

Conner dose have a couple of down falls as he can not resist bread. If its on the table or in your hand he can not resist. He is also a treasure hunter. He brings us many gifts. Just to name a few a base ball glove, a stuffed bunny that was bigger then him he as also brought us groceries such as lunch meat, eggs and even some ones groceries straight out of there trunk. Them of coarse chasing closely behind.

Conner has not only proven himself in the show ring but also in weight-pull. He is a UKC Champion and UKC United Weight Puller.  I can produce Red Cream, Apricot, and Black.


He is a goofy boy that loves to play. he loves to play fetch, He’s also a big cuddle bug that likes to throw himself in your lap to snuggle. He knows many tricks and always eager to learn more

He is our Tri-color male, Spot lives in New Mexico with his gradian family Wayne and Kathy.
Spot has been to a couple shows and is on his was to his championship. His Sire is UCH Omaha’s Ricky Stars At Tropicana. We expect great things in Spots future.   He can produce Black, Cream,  Apricot, Parti, Tri-Color, and possibly  Phantom.