Kitsues Letting It All Hang Out

Roxie is my Phantom bombshell who is gorgeous in every aspect and moves like the wind. If a dog could be your soul mate, she is mine.
Roxie has achieved many goals at Omaha Poodle’s. She is a National, International, and Grand champion and she obtained her UKC championship in just few weekends out. She was in the top 10 in 2013.  She is only one win from her UKC Grand Champion ship before retiring from her show carrier to move on to be our first hunting dog. She was born to be in the water.
Roxie is one of our last foundation dogs at Omaha Poodles. Our breeding program now revolves around her. She has been our top producer and you will see may of her offspring in the show ring!

Omaha’s Cortin Christie In Rio


She is our brown abstract girl. She is a very active girl and a strong pray drive. She is very loyal and will keep you on your toes. She’s our vocalist of the bunch and loves to talk about her day.

Christie has a great angles a perfect thick coat and a nice tail set. She has amazing reach and drive.

We have not started her show carrier just yet. Were hoping to start showing her in 2019. So stay tuned for updates.

Omaha’s Roottin’ Tootin’ Annie Oakley

She is a very special girl out of Sammy and Rose. She has a very calm laid back demeanor. She just goes with the flow of things. And she passes her intelligence on to her off spring.

Annie has a beautiful head and a body to die for. She has compact build with just the right amount of bone. She got great angles and amazing movement. She was breed and named by my dear belated friend Belinda Atherton.

Annie started her showing career to an amazing start. At 6 months and under she got best in show. Due to no fault of her own with my personal health issues we had to take a break from her showing carrier. She hope to be back in the ring this spring!

Teelhaven’s Kizzme Assets At Omaha

She is our class clown always putting a smile on your face. She is very sweet and loving always wanting all of my attention. She is a true mommas girl, and dose not like to share me or her kisses very often.

Kizzme came to us from Teelhaven Poodles.  The minute I saw her I just knew she had to come home to Omaha Poodles. She is a true black beauty. She has a great compact structure with perfect angles and all the movement to go with it.

Kizzme is a International champion. And a UKC Champion.

J&M’s Starry ‘Skye”


She is the best of both worlds. She loves to run and play fetch and play in the water but she is also happy and content being a couch potato. She loves kids and any one she meets.  Her best friend is 2 year old little girl and they are inseparable.

Skye lives in Moore Oklahoma at Spotlight Poodles with her owner Michelle. I met Michelle at show class and we hit it off from the start. We now breeding and showing together.

Skye has started her UKC Show carrier and is on her way to her championship. Be sure to look for her at our next UKC show.

Winn Dixie

She is our cream female. She is  the comedian of the family. She is notorious for stilling all the toys. She likes to try and carry them all around in her mouth and talk to us at the same time.

When she is out in the yard she loves to play in the water and make mud holes. She like to create mud clumps in her hair and as she jumps around and throws them the other dogs catch them.

Winn Dixie has gotten her international championship. She will be in the UKC comformation ring in 2019.