First litter.

Cars litter

We have four lovely puppies out of some older blood line. This litter is a co onwed litter. We will be stand behind our these puppies just as i breed them myself. These puppies are living here with me in my home. Will be hand delivered.

The theme for this litter is Cars.

Lighting Mcqueen

Is a nice black boy with a sweet personity. With some flashy white.


She is the only girl she is light brown phanton. She is first to bark when she hear someone.


He is funny, outgoing  this boy is cream and white  who spots seem to get darker

Doc Hudson

Nice Black boy with one little white spot on his chest. This is oyr lover puppy all he wants to

Heidi Dillmores Litter

This litter belongs to Heidi Dillmore. This is her first litter. From International Champion Emmitt and Darla. Omaha poodles will stand behind this litter too. Tested clear from genetics. We pround of Heide the way she had honored Omaha poodles. Watch for Emmitt in the ring this fall. Emmitt is a friendly and happy, great with kids and another animals. With darla showing the same traits we are looking forward to an outstanding litter with great personalities these puppies will be black or blue will know later as they get older. The theme for this litter is the moive Arrow born july 10 not quite old enought to tell much about them.

Heidis litter born July 10

This is her litter, 4 puppies born may 23