Omaha Poodles name came from my dear friends need to play poker. And my desire to hand deliver my pups to there new owners. The many trips to the poker games. Omaha is one of many card games played. On the way home from a transport of my so loved puppies. After they arrived safely at their new homes. We would always stop off for a couple hands of poker.Thank you for the many shows that you sat in on. All the long trips knowing you were only waiting to get to the next poker game. The 11 years we spent delivery and traveling with puppies and to the poker games was the best years.
Omaha poodles will always be your legacy. As Omaha poodles starts into our next generation we could not have done it with out the help of a few good friends and family.  I have always had a love for dogs. And a strong desire to them in my life. Thank you mom for sending me to grooming school that gave me the start to build a business around what I have always loved my dogs. Thank you to all my family for the love and support you have shown me over the years. Thank you to Arnold for believing in my dream. For helping my build that dream. Thank you Sue Ablen for all the professional knowledge hours of experience and excellent blood lines. All the support you have given me through the years. Thank you Katie for all the years you have been beside me. You hard work and the support you’ve always given me and my poodles.your patience and understand through the years have truly been a gift. Thanks for still loving through all the crazy times and still today. Joyce thank you for meals and cleaning you done growing up.
I know you guys thought dogs was more import but that not the case I will always be here for you and your family.
My passion for poodle will never stop. Our goals is produce a Healthy happy wise fictionally poodle that will be a life time of joy for their new a omaha poodles there has been many joyful and disappoints along the way but with help Omaha poodles could not go wrong.
Here at Omaha’s we have a lot of help behind the seen. . And if you don’t get to meet me you will meet Lashella who helps with transports. And thank you for my web site team.